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Pros And Cons Of Getting An Online Degree

Date Added: February 23, 2013 01:01:09 AM  Author: VCTech Network  Category: Education: Online Courses

Those who do not study are only cattle dressed up in men’s clothes -– this is a very famous proverb about the importance of studying, education, and life long learning. The business landscape now is very competitive since many new industries are emerging requiring people who are competent and highly skilled. What is more, one set of skills in the workplace just does not keep you competitive anymore as it once did. Those with limited skills have much more limited choices than before the economy tightened and employers began seeing multi-skilled as a minimal requirement and broadly-skilled as a potential new hire.

Studies have shown that people who obtained a college degree are almost always likely to earn more than those who only have their high school diploma. Going to college or university entails a huge investment of both time and money. The returns on that investment are wider career opportunities and broader career choices.

Everyone should want to have a degree to help them stay competitive in the marketplace and snatch up the best, highest paying jobs available. In a tight economy is just makes sense to become more skilled than those other job seekers around you. For some, the time required to attend traditional classes is simply unrealistic. These individuals, among others who are either short on time or living in rural locations are those who can benefit the most from seeking an online degree.

Though we have been brought up to only be aware of traditional schools and colleges, the emergence of the internet has created an entirely different realm for learning. Traditional and online colleges worldwide have already infused in their program offerings into diverse degree programs that allow students to enroll and study from a distance.

If you are on a crossroads on if you should retrain or add additional skills to your resume, it could be the difference between having a job and being without one, getting a promotion or staying in your rut, or making more money or loosing financial ground.

Advantages of Getting an Online Degree

1. Time Flexibility: This is one of the salient points of online schools over traditional colleges. With online learning, you can study while being at home. Because doesn’t require you to go to a physical classroom to work on your assignments and modules, you can easily do your schooling at the comforts of your own home at your most convenient time.

2. Saves Money: Safe to say that when you take your online degree through cyberspace, you incur less cost. The only thing that you have to pay for is the internet cost, tuition and some learning materials. No need to pay for gas because you need to drive up to the school. For homemakers, this is especially true because they save a lot from not paying the day care center or the babysitter. The costs of your program are relatively fixed.

3. Choose Your Pace: Online schools are more flexible compared to that of traditional colleges. With online distance learning, you have the luxury to pace your tasks. Online schools are more considerate in terms of deadlines and submissions compared to that of traditional colleges. More often than not, online professors give you more leeway when it comes to submissions and assignments. The leniency is not because online schools are more relaxed compared to the traditional colleges, the consideration given by the professors is simply because of the acknowledgment that the students who enroll in distance learning are basically those who expect more flexibility.

4. Your Classroom is Everywhere: With online distance learning, you don't have a physical classroom but a virtual one. For as long as you have internet access and a laptop, you will be able to connect to your virtual classroom online wherever you are. Whether you are in a coffee shop or in a different city, with online distance learning, you can be assured that you will not miss class again.

5. Your Degree Options are Broader: If you live in a rural area, your degree choices are a lot broader than what you could expect at the nearest university. You are also more easily able to find courses on specialized topics that are not easily found in some locations.

Disadvantages of Getting an Online Degree

1. Online Scams: Believe it or not, anyone with the right html and java programming can come up with a decent looking online school website. Opportunists in cyberspace have concocted numerous ways to be able to rip people off their money. It is important that before you pay your tuition fee at any online school. Make sure that that any degree program is not only accredited but that their operations are legitimate and legal.

2. Alienation: Because you go to school in a virtual classroom, you will not be able to see your classmates and interact with them face to face. This is a big shift if you have studied all your life in traditional schools where you get to both see and interact with other students everyday.

3. Determination: One should be determined and motivated enough to follow through the application with dedication to finish the degree. It is important that one has self-discipline to be able to focus on the tasks delegated in school. Going to an online learning program is serious. You cannot procrastinate on your assignments and your submissions. Though it may be online, online schools still have educational measurements which determine if you are fit to graduate with the diploma or not. Some students simply lack the drive to be self directed.

Every decision has its own set of pros and cons. Remember that you are the one who will form your future. You can choose to be complacent or you can improve yourself through further learning. Ask yourself if online schools and university degree programs are right for you, and begin your climb up the corporate ladder.