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Finding Mr. Right And Keeping Him

Date Added: January 12, 2013 12:42:44 AM  Author:   Category: Society: Relationships

Are You Ready?

Hurt from previous relationships could result in you being scared to commit. You build up a wall to protect yourself and may appear aloof to potential love interests that you may come across. Allow yourself a reasonable time to mourn the failed relationship and move on. Tear down that wall and leave the past in the past. Bringing old baggage into a new relationship can only result in failure.

Landing a Date

The first step in finding a potential partner is, well, finding him. This can be accomplished by changing your daily routine. Changing your routine could result in new possibilities. You are more likely to meet someone interesting during the daytime than at a bar at night. Change the coffee shop you go to every day, change your gym hours, go to a different mall this Saturday, you'd be surprised at what you will find. If you spot someone interesting – go over and talk to him. Summon up some courage and ask him out yourself, the reward will definitely outweigh the risk in the end.

If all else fails, be honest with yourself and loved ones around you. Everyone absolutely hates a blind date but if you tell your closest friends that you are looking they might just come across someone interesting that they can pair you up with. He might not fit the exact criteria for your “perfect partner” but might just turn out to be funny, smart and sweet and could end up growing on you.

Is He Interested?

Sending subtle hints and paying attention to his body language could reveal more than you think as to whether he is interested. Men's feet are often a reliable indicator as to whether he is interested. Feet planted firmly on the ground shows confidence and if his feet are pointing squarely at you, it’s a definite sign he is interested. Keep a direct gaze and open hands as to not subconsciously ward him off. Open hands (with palms facing upward) suggests vulnerability and openness. He might not be able to resist your invitation into your life and heart.

Mr Right or Wrong?

Now that the first couple of dates has gone smoothly, ask yourself why you want to be with this person. It is in our nature to want what we can’t have and differences could be attractive at first but your partner has to be on the same maturity level as you and has to have the same basic needs from the relationship. If you are having difficulty finding someone compatible, maybe you should make some slight changes in what you are looking for in a partner.

Keeping The Love Alive

There are certain things that women do that send guys running for the hills without us even realizing it. Recognize those subtle hints and prevent yourself from dropping them before they scare off your man. The first, and probably most common mistake we make is being too needy. This stems from insecurity and most men will avoid filling the role of being our “savoir”. Men respects a woman with confidence and a woman with a good sense of self is often more attractive to guys. As mentioned above, don’t enter a relationship with old baggage and past hurt. Instead, act with pride, dignity and a life beyond the relationship.

Being too accommodating to your partner will definitely get you into his life but it will not work in the long run. He will love that you aim to please but it could end up in him completely disregarding your feelings and emotions. It could result in him feeling that he has to handle all the major decisions in the relationship and between sports fixtures and remembering your birthday, could be a little too much to handle. Love yourself first, be open about your preferences, opinions and desires and don’t always be the one to compromise.